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Dinsdag 15 Maart 2016

Wilco Roberts – Manifesto: To challenge our thoughts and values in order to choose a life of abundance

Let me start to say that as English is not my first language and I usually blog in my native language, Afrikaans, this is a wonderful challenge for me. But then again, the year I stayed in the USA, helps a lot.

As I understand my purpose on earth in this time frame is, to summarize it, to guide or coach people and to help in the healing process to enable individuals, couples, families or groups to choose and grow an abundant life in soul, spirit and body in all eight areas of life.

This is to live as a healthy, balanced and complete individual in positive, uplifting, purposeful and fulfilling relationships within themselves as well as in marriages, families, church and in the bigger society.   

As an author, writing is one of the means to get the message out into the world. Not only as a serious blogger, but hopefully soon in the form of published books, both fictional and non-fictional.

What I stand for is freedom. We as human beings have the freedom to choose. As we are driven by our paradigms and values, which have been programmed in us from our birth, we are many times only the marionettes of society, our parents or families or circumstances, while all the while there is so much more install for us.

The human brain is one of the most significant and miraculous pieces of creation, and we totally miss the opportunity to make most of our potential in one life time.

Therefor I want to challenge every single person to just start thinking. Not only to think what you think, but why do you think, believe, act, behave, react and talk the way you do? What is behind these thought patterns?

Therefor I challenge the believe systems, values and paradigms we take many time for granted, while back at the ranch, it keeps as from living and have a happy, joyous and fulfilling life, enjoying those people close to us.

The western world is one big stress ball with 90% of the people in Westernized countries living in fear for something in a bigger or smaller way. The main reason for this is the way we think and emotionally react to circumstances or people due to the thoughts programmed in us since birth.

My challenge, in coaching and helping individuals, couples and families is to challenge your own paradigms and values in order to start living an abundant life in freedom and happiness.

With freedom comes responsibility. And that is only possible when you live true to who you are and choose to be.

So my challenge with this seven day blogging challenge is to fulfill a little bit of this challenge and quest. This is my manifesto!

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